Welcome to Check Point!

Come on in, have a seat and tell us all your vehicular needs and concerns. Don’t know where to start? We can help with that – our operations are designed in such a way as to serve everyone with our wide range of expertise through a team of highly trained employees. We are ready to provide guidance to anyone from the first-time car owner to the seasoned enthusiast.

Check Point Service Centre was formed out of the need to create a comfortable and safe environment for women drivers, giving them the consultative experience that they deserve. The influence of the women who have championed this idea continues to be strong as these women are immersed in the daily running of the operations of the business. Check Point continues to seek more women to be involved in various capacities of its operations, specifically as technicians, and would one day like to launch an apprentice program focused on training and certifying women as technicians.

We maintain integrity, transparency and accountability in our operations and stay true to our values through focus on the customer’s experience. It is our policy to ensure that we offer the customer the consultation, information and service they desire. Our staff has been trained by service delivery experts to ensure that every touchpoint resonates the importance of the customer. This is managed through continuous evaluations, huddles and toolbox talks, customer feedback/follow up metrics and continuous training. Have a review? We want to hear it! This ensures that we continue to provide honest, innovative advice and continuously improve our service through learning.

We look forward to seeing you!